The Classics
Lunch & Dinner
Soup & Chili

bbq ribs 1/2 rack $13

really slow roasted 

mini cheeseburgers (3) $7.50 (6) $15 (12) $28

onion rings $8.95

 beer battered, house made 

potato skins $8.50. w/ bacon $9.50

swiss or cheddar

wings / buffalo wings  $(10) $12 (20) $23 (30) $33

chicken littles $11

 honey mustard

mozzarella sticks $10.95

with marinara

spicy fried cheese ravioli $11.95


zucchini sticks $11

with marinara

jalapeño poppers $10

garlic bread $4.50

w/ mozzarella $5.95

fried mushrooms $10.95

add swiss or cheddar $11.95

house steak fries $6.50

sweet potato fries $6.50

warm 3 cheese spinach dip $9


 plain $10 supreme or chili $13  both $15


chowder $9

baby clams, new england/manhattan 

maryland blue crab bisque $9


french onion soup $9

 crocked, melted swiss

turkey pot pie soup $8

house made biscuit

butternut squash soup $8


dante's inferno $9

beef chili, turkey or veggie

Seafood Appetizers

maryland blue crab cake $10.95  2/$19.95

shrimp cocktail $18.95

much bigger than jumbo

stonnington scallops $11

pan seared w/tartar &  pesto

fried plump calamari $15

fried beer batter shrimp $12

fried clam strips $12.50

Serious Burgers

hand patted, fresh daily, 8oz angus beef, turkey burger, veggie burger or grilled chicken served with hand cut steak fries, sweet potato fries, or cole slaw

burger $9.95

 hand patted 8 oz angus beef, turkey or veggie

cheese it!  $10.95

choice of american, swiss, soft cheddar, horseradish cheddar,

blue, mozzarella, muenster

pig out $12.95

 cheese and bacon

pattie melt $ 12.95

 grilled white toast angus burger, american cheese

cheeseburger club $13.95

 white toast, b.l.t.

old english $13.95

cheddar, bacon, toasted english muffin

knickerbocker $13.95

carmelized onions "rolled in", horseradish cheddar

get hot $13.95

4 oz. of chili on the side

howie $13.95

blackened, avocado, tomato, dijon honey mustard

the #1 burger  13.95

mushrooms, onions, soft cheddar 'n hot sauce

sautèed fresh mushroom and onions $12.95

johnny $12.95

 roasted garlic and soft cheddar

bbq, teriyaki, caribe, or blackened $11.95

grilled free range chicken $10.95

 toasted potato bun, dijon honey mustard

california $13.95

american cheese, avocado, lettuce & tomato


dressings, house, russian, fat free raspberry vinegarette, peppercorn parmesan, ranch, balsamic vinegarette, honey mustard & blue cheese

eggless caesar $8.75

roasted croutons

apple $11.75

arugula, cranberry, walnut, reggiano, raspberry vinegarette

grilled veggies $14.95

aruglua, gorgonzola, balsamic vinegarette

pan seared broccoli $14.95

mixed greens, gorgonzola, balsamic vinegarette

tuscan tuna in olive oil $16.95

tomato, egg, radishes, calamatas, capers, onion, mixed greens,

olive oil herb dressing

chilled baked salmon $18.95

fresh garlic string beans, roasted peppers, gorgonzola, mixed greens

tossed $7.50

mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, red onion, radish, olives

arugula $16.95

roasted peppers, boconcini, olives, tom, onion, artichoke

spinach bowl $16.95

mushrooms, swiss, tom., bacon, egg, warm honey mustard

gorgonzola $16.95

tomatoes, olives & roasted red peppers, romaine

cobb salad $16.95

chicken, cheddar, bacon, tomato, egg, croutons, blue cheese


philly cheese steak $13.50

peppers, onions, am. cheese, grilled roast beef

grilled chicken & veg wedge $13.50

shaved reggiano parmesan

broadway dip $13.50

roast beef, sautéed onions, melted swiss, au jus

french dip $12.50

served cold with au jus

john paulding $12.50

turkey, horseradish cheddar, l.t.o, cranberry mayo

sliced steak $16.95

trimmed lean, american cheese, sautéed onions

arthur ave $13.50

italian sausage, parmigiana, peppers, onions

cuban $12.95

fresh pork, ham, swiss, pickle, mayo, mustard,

pressed garlic wedge

chicken cutlet $13.50

garlic wedge, melted muenster, roasted red peppers

pub club $13.50

turkey and roast beef, mayo, b.l.t.

rocky balboa $13.50

thin sliced roast beef, melted swiss, garlic wedge

lite fare & sandwiches

choice of hand cut steak fries, sweet potato fries, mashed (regular, garlic or horseradish), baked, baked sweet, salad or slaw

gobbler $13.75

turkey on 12 grain bread, cranberry, apple-raisin cornbread stuffing

tuna melt $12.50

served open on an english muffin, melted swiss

turkey avocado $13.75

tomato, bacon, swiss, mayo, pumpernickel

nathan's famous double dogs $12.95

grilled bun with "the works"

englebert pumperdink $12.95

turkey, ham, bac. tom. russian, onion, swiss

chicken salad $12.95

grilled, then pulled, tarragon mayo

chicken salad club $13.95

on 12 grain toast

bbq ribs on a bun $15.95

1/2 rack, "off the bone"

turkey reuben $13.50

horseradish cheddar, open or closed on grilled rye

md. blue crab cake $16.95

on a bun, am. cheese, lettuce, tomato, tartar

reuben $12.95

corned beef, trimmed lean, open or closed, on grilled rye

white meat tuna salad $11.50

on grilled rye, w/ roasted red peppers & relish

count of monte cristo $12.95

french toast with swiss, turkey & ham

tuna salad $11.50 

solid white


 egg salad $11.50

made to order

grilled cheese & tomato w/ tuna or bacon $11.50

classic club $13.50

white toast, cared turkey, mayo, b.l.t.

cajun catfish reuben $13.95

grilled rye, open or closed

chicken salad melt $13.50

tarragon mayo, swiss, english muffin, served open

Ala Carte

cheese quesadilla $10.95

jalapeños, onions, black olives, tomatoes

quesadilla, chicken or shrimp $16

seafood crepes $26

shrimp, scallop, flounder, mushroom, white wine cream

mexican crepes $19

housemade crepes, chili, melted cheddar, guacamole

hot open turkey sandwich $15

mashed potatoes, gravy

house made quiche & salad.

maryland blue crab $15.95

lorraine $14.95

spinach, tomato, zucchini $14.95

Meat & Poultry

shell steak $29.95

2" thick, trimmed lean, mushrooms, onions, plain or teriyaki

roast turkey $24.95

apple-raisin, cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed

organic 1/2 chicken $25.95

herb roasted

barbecued baby back ribs $27.95

slow roasted

baby back ribs & semi sirloin $28.95

6 oz n.y. sirloin, 1/2 rack ribs


gracie's real good chicken $25.95

white wine, fresh sautéed mushrooms

shepherds pie $23.95

beef, chicken, or veggie

teriyaki tidbits $27.95

peppers, onions, mushrooms


grilled shrimp $27.95

w/ grilled eggplant, zucchini, peppers & squash

ichabod cod $23.95

corona beer battered, deep fried, fries, lime, cole slaw

shrimp & scallops $27.95

sautéed in e.v.o.o. & garlic w/ fresh mushrooms

fried clams $23.95

strips, breaded, fried golden, house tartar

fried shrimp $27.95

slaw, sweet potato fries

fresh north atlantic salmon $26.95

garlic butter, pan seared broccoli

maryland blue crab cakes $27.95

slaw, sweet potato fries

jumbo alaskan king crab legs $47.50

pound and a half, steamed

broiled stuffed shrimp $28.95

with maryland blue crab

stonnington scallops $26.95

"from the boat", broiled, garlic & e.v.o.o. or fried


shrimp & broccoli $27.95

wild mushrooms, garlic cream, penne

stonnington scallops $26.95

penne, tomato, basil, garlic & e.v.o.o.

pepperoni heaven $25.95

bacon, onion, peas, cream, farfalle

chicken cutlet parmigiana $25.95

marinara, penne

basil pesto chicken $25.95

tomato, farfalle

grilled shrimp $27.95

penne, tomatoes, arugula, garlic & e.v.o.o.

chicken & artichokes $25.95

penne, mushrooms, garlic & e.v.o.o.

country bolognese $24.95

pepper, onion, meat sauce rigatoni

arthur ave. sausage $25.95

peppers, onions, light red sauce, rigatoni

chicken, peas, mushrooms $25.95

pink cream sauce, penne

stonnington scallops $26.95

bacon, onion, cream sauce, rigatoni

fried shrimp parmigiana $27.95

penne marinara

chicken 'n broccoli $25.95

penne, marinara or garlic & e.v.o.o

wild mushroom $24.95

farfalle, fresh spinach, white wine, garlic & e.v.o.o.

anthony riga $28.95

shrimp, chicken, andouille sausage, bacon, onion, cream sauce, rigatoni

above entrees and pastas served with a tossed salad

we use extra virgin olive oil. deep frying done in zero trans fat oil